Copyright Statement

I believe that all forms of creativity feed and inspire each other. Reading natural history literature informs my hiking which inspires the painting time spent in my studio. My experience as both artist and museum professional has proven the fact that we learn in myriad ways. It is important for me to regularly include quotes from favorite literature paired with art images in order to nudge a deeper encounter with nature for the viewer.

Included in this web site are quotes from many of my favorite authors. I ask that the policy: Fair Use (from US Copyright Office FL-102, Revised May 2009), be honored as it is not my intention to profit from these authors. It is my hope that these quotes inspire the reader to purchase their books and enjoy these authors as I have throughout the years. However, should any author or publisher whose quote is used object to this use, kindly write directly to me and I will honor your request to remove the quote.

Artwork © Sheila Kollasch. Quotations © their respective authors.